Luxembourg Mystery Tale – Production Diary 11 (UK)

Sometimes making a movie seems to be a never ending story. Even more so when the only time you can spend on the movie is the time in between the regular jobs of the actors and the production team. But even if things move slowly, they sure do move. And the first thing that moved is the release date of LMT, which has now officially slipped to 2010…

So what have we been doing lately? Well, our team worked hard to finish the principal photography of the second part of the movie (the first part having been shot in 2008). We just barely missed our goal for the year since we still have 4 scenes (of a total of 68) to shoot before we can call it a wrap. These scenes will all be shot as soon as possible in early 2010, so that we can fully concentrate next year on the post-production and the planning of the marketing campaign.

We also prepare some other surprises for early 2010, so stay tuned. In the meantime have a peek at some pictures of our last shootings.

Mendaly and Yves get ready for an action scene for which Yves, unfortunately, had to pay quite a high price!
Can I get a mystery lighting, please? Thank you!
Ok, and now a really sick lighting setup, please. Oh gosh, are they supposed to be blue in the face? Art director says yes, so let’s go for it!
Please no dangerous chemicals on the set! And no, I don’t care if you wear a mask! Oh well, ok then, I guess some effects just can’t be done digitally…

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