Luxembourg Mystery Tale – Production Diary 8 (UK)

Amazing how fast the summer was over. The less than stellar temperatures this year sure didn’t help to give the impression of a long summer, but the main reason why time seemed to fly is of course that our team was busy shooting our new feature movie. Now that the sunny days are long gone, it seems to be a good time to look back at what we achieved… or didn’t. How far did the movie progress? From start of July till the end of November we spent 15 weekends on principal photography of “Luxembourg Mystery Tale” for a total of 21 shooting days. We managed to shoot around 70% of the movie, resulting in 1.200 minutes of footage. During the long winter nights we’ll watch all the footage and pick the best shots for final editing. At the same time we’ll work on the digital FX required in some shots. The remaining 30% of the movie will be shot next spring and summer in order to hopefully be able to release the movie in local cinemas as planned by the end of 2009.   Other than that, we’re just plain happy about the truly great time we had with our actors and team during the last couple of months. It was an amazing and intense time and we certainly are looking forward to continue this great cooperation next year. Our initial plan was to publish some pictures of the shooting in this blog, but since we haven’t yet officially presented our movie or cast (which we will do when launching our marketing campaign by the end of 2009), we can only show some of the 2.000 pictures we took on the set of LMT. But these should give you at least a tiny impression of the shooting.

One of the two HVX-cameras we use for the shooting. The monitoring of the shots is done on a laptop, which can’t give you an accurate color representation, but has the advantage of displaying a full-size native 720p-resolution, allowing for a perfect focus-assisting.
Our tireless production assistant Christine, Petz and the cameramen Dino and Carlo prepare for the next shot.
Whether in front or behind the camera, Mendaly gets it done! In this picture she’s putting a finishing touch to the makeup of the extra Tatjana.
Music composer and soundman PYK is dazzled by the gorgeous night setting.
Even the cold of the night can’t make Ivana’s hand tremble while she’s making up the actors.
Dino safely shooting Yves
Petz, Fuuss, Carlo, PYK and Christine seem to be happy with what they see on the monitoring screen.
My favorite picture of our inexhaustible cameraman Carlo.

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