Luxembourg Mystery Tale – Production Diary 10 (UK)

Principal photography of LMT is well progressing. Last month our team shot its biggest scene ever. Ok, maybe not that big if you compare it to the opening battle scene in “Gladiator”, but still it certainly felt like our own “Gladiator” battle scene (even if all the bloodsheding happened before this scene) since it was a funeral scene which involved the participation of 10 actors and 56 extras. If we’ve counted right, that brings the total of people having an on screen appearance in this movie to a whopping 142! Special thanks go to the extras and actors who had to wait long hours before they got in front of our cameras, to Dino, Ben and Mendaly for the amazing catering, to Yves for the truly amazing coffins, to Rome for their holy blessing and to the rest of the team for spending 26 hours on the set that weekend alone (yes, we shot another big scene the following day). Needless to say we still haven’t completely recovered.

On days like this, you pray that the weather will be on your side…
Our cameraman Carlo is never afraid of getting down and dirty to get us the best shots

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