Luxembourg Mystery Tale – Production Diary 13 (UK)

Another 6 months have passed since the last blog entry at the end of which we promised to release some major news. Well, by now people who follow our attempts at making a movie, know that the major news have been the name change of our filmmaker club from Obskura to Camera Obskura (along with a new logo), the release of a new web site, the launch of a Vimeo channel and the release of the first episode of our videoblog. All stuff we wanted to get out of the way before releasing our new movie.

We also fixed the problems with our Mac workstation and recovered all our files. In order to avoid further problems and speed up the post-production, we’ve split the original film project into 5 separate projects, each of them holding some 20 minutes of the movie. We’ve also set up a “post-production task force”. Sounds cool, but only the future can tell if the task force will also be up to the task of speeding up the release of “Luxembourg Mystery Tale”.

Ok, so basically there’s not much news, so why make a blog entry and why call it “20,000 leagues under the sea”?

The answer to this question can be found in the short video below. For our new movie, our camera team boldly went where no camera team ever went before…

What lies beneath from Camera Obskura on Vimeo.

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