23.12.14 - Camera Obskura's secret X-Mas wishes
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27.09.10 - Good Night Obskura, and Good Luck Camera Obskura
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19.09.10 - Camera Obskura launches its first videoblog
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02.07.09 - Luxembourg Mystery Tale : Production Notes
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[Translate to English:] Luxembourg Mystery Tale
22.04.08 - Camera Obskura a.s.b.l. launches the production of its second feature film "Luxembourg Mystery Tale"
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[Translate to English:] GRIM
27.08.07 - Camera Obskura a.s.b.l. collaborates on the new Feierblumm a.s.b.l. short film
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Don't go hiding in the woods!
Stay away from the water!
Don't look for answers!
Don't stay home alone!
And for God's sake, don't search the dark!

Welcome to Camera Obskura! Were are a non profit organization (a.s.b.l.) which produces and distributes independent short films and feature movies in Luxembourg.

Camera Obskura a.s.b.l. is currently working on it's second feature film, Luxembourg Mystery Tale (working title). This new production will be a pure entertainment movie aimed at the luxembourgish audience. With this new project the filmmakers want to contribute to maintaining the production of luxembourgish speaking movies, without excluding the foreign audience since the movie will be subtitled in french and english. Aware of the weak narrative and cinematographic value of its first feature film (Zombie Film), the Camera Obskura Team announces the new project as a semi-professional production.

Luxembourg Mystery Tale is described by its makers as a mixture of thriller and black comedy.

Luxembourg Mystery Tale is currently in postproduction. The principal photography, which was limited to weekend shootings, started on 4th July 2008 and ended on 19th August 2010. The movie is planned to be released in local cinemas.

For more information, please visit the production blog and watch the first episode of our videoblog. Subscribe to our newsletter, to be informed when further news about the movie will be released.

The Camera Obskura team wishes to thank each and everyone who have contributed to the movie and continue to do so.